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Samantha's Cowboy

By: Marin Thomas | Other books by Marin Thomas
Published By: Harlequin Enterprises
Published: Aug 01, 2009
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Westerns/Cowboys Fiction


Samantha's Cowboy by Marin Thomas - Romance>Contemporary

There should be millions in Samantha Cartwright's trust fund... but it's empty. Luckily for Wade Dawson, her financial adviser, Samantha doesn't know that yet. So Wade's buying time to solve the mystery of the missing money by playing cowboy on her ranch. But he's in way over his head!

Wade is so different from the men Samantha is used to. He wears a tie to work instead of dusty jeans and a Stetson. And while she's intrigued by him, she's frustrated by the delay. After all, starting her new horse ranch will finally prove to her overprotective father that she's capable of running her own life.

But Samantha's memory lapses from an old injury once brought harm to a child she loved, and she cannot risk being a danger to Wade or his young son. Even if the businessman does look irresistible in a cowboy hat...
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Samantha's Cowboy

By: Marin Thomas