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Nisey's Awakening

Series: Doms of Chicago , Book 1.0
By: Dakota Trace | Other books by Dakota Trace
Published By: Excessica Publishing
Published: Mar 07, 2010
ISBN # 9781609822743
Word Count: 77,577
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Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Contemporary Romance>Free Reads Romance>Erotic Romance


Nisey's Awakening (Doms of Chicago) by Dakota Trace - Romance>BDSM

When a would be Dom takes advantage of Nisey's inexperience she is left bewildered and at odds with her own sexuality. Now scared of what she longs for she tries to hide from it until her best friend, Kalinda has had enough of waking to Nisey's screams and takes matters into her own hands and contacts her older brother, Caelan. She's had enough and wants her best friend back and thinks Caelan is the perfect man to guide Nisey back to what she longs for without traumatizing her friend any further.

Caelan is an experienced Dom, who has trained many first time subs in during his time in the lifestyle, but his last experience with a newbie changed everything. When it blew up in his face, he decided to keep to the more experienced subs, so when his sister calls out of the blue with a request that he help her friend, he is intrigued but very leery. After all what could happen from answering a few questions?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, spanking, exhibitionism, phone sex, bondage, toys, description of an attempted rape and sodomy.
Reader Rating:   4.4 starstarstarstarstar (24 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Ashley, Naughty Little Secret Reviews, 5/5 ANGELS
I read this story in one sitting, why? It was that damn good. Seriously, I hung on every word, every scene and craved more...So if you are looking for something different, something sexy and something a little bit dangerous, then you're going to love Nisey's Awakening
From Fern, Whipped Cream Reviews,4.5/5 CHERRIES
...[A] very emotionally charged and unforgettable story that explores the darker side of BDSM...[The Characters] complete one another in the way only those meant to be together can, and it's a joy to witness. A definite must read for any BDSM fan, I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Nisey's Awakening.
From Slave Gabrielle, Bound to Review, 4.5/5 STARS
This story is a beautiful read. With characters full of depth and emotion this book is not only hot and heavy but it pulls at your heartstrings as well. This book had me from the first page...Fast paced and well written this book should not be missed.
From Monica, Dark Diva Reviews, 5/5 DIVAS
Everything about this story is amazing...this book practically boils. It is one of the most erotic books I have ever read in my entire life.
From Heather, Night Owl Reviews, 4.75/5 STARS -TOP PICK
Ms. Trace has penned another great story. Her characters are intelligent, intriguing, and believable. The plotline is fascinating, interesting, and compelling. The sexual tension...is so explosive you have to read more. This book is one that I'm definitely adding to my keeper collection and I am delighted to recommend this book to others.
From Blackraven, Blackraven Reviews, 5/5 RAVENS
I'm amazed and in awe by how wonderful and endearing Ms. Trace's story regarding Nisey's journey into the BDSM lifestyle has touched my heart. Bravo Ms. Trace! You've hit a homerun...and I will definitely be telling my friends to pick up a copy. Moreover, Nisey's Awakening is a story I'll be re-reading on more than one occasion.
From I Like Romantic Stuff
The BDSM scenes in this were hot hot hot!... Caelan was great as a "big bad dom" but it was also lovely to see him falling in love with Nisey over the time period covered in the book...well worth the read...Would recommend it to anyone who has interest in this genre.
When she came out of the shower, somewhat refreshed, she was pleasantly surprised to see that the pizza had already arrived and both Caelan and Kalinda were sitting on the futon with two open pizza boxes. Her stomach growled at the fragrant smell coming off the pizza.

“Come join us, Nisey. Everything is ready to go. Pizza’s hot and I sweet talked Caelan into watching that new Transporter movie you’ve been wanting to see.”

A flush crossed her face. “Oh that’s nice of you, Caelan, but I would’ve watched whatever you wanted.”

“Nonsense. I like action movies. I haven’t seen the first two but Kalinda assures me that they were action packed. Now if it had been Steel Magnolias or something like that, I would’ve put my foot down.”

Kalinda giggled and patted the seat next to her. “Come on. Our pizza is getting cold.”

Nodding, Nisey settled gingerly on the futon between Kalinda and her brother. She noted Caelan seemed to have the same habit of dominating his corner of the futon that his sister did. He was relaxed with one arm draped over the back of the futon and the other resting on the arm, sitting at an angle with his long legs stretched out in front of him. How the hell I am supposed to sit next to him? The awareness she’d felt earlier rushed back even stronger despite the meager release she’d given herself in the shower. To hide her nervousness, she leaned forward to grab a plate.

“Either of you want a slice of this one?”

“Sure, I’ll take one.” Caelan leaned forward to take if from her.

She stifled a gasp as his hand brushed against hers. Biting her lower lip, she glanced at him, wondering if he’d felt the same spark of attraction. His face was cool. Her heart sank as she looked away from him.

“Here you go.” She quickly released the plate before turning to give Kalinda one. Forget it, Nisey. He’s obviously not attracted to you. Perhaps Derrick was right?

* * * *

Even though he was trying to concentrate on the movie, Caelan was aware of every little shift and movement of the woman next to him. The smell of her soap was refreshing after the cloying perfumes his acquaintances used. She simply smelled clean. Even if she didn’t belong to another, I don’t train ‘newbies’ anymore. Even if my instincts are telling me how perfect she is, with each gesture she makes, they are nothing more than a glimpse of her natural submissiveness. When she’d turned those expressive green eyes his way earlier, it taken all of his considerable will power to not take what he was sure she wasn’t aware she was offering. He thanked God for the control he’d honed under Alastar’s tutelage. It kept him from acting impulsively and allowed his outer expression to remain calm. Without that iron-willed control, the little sub next to him would’ve realized how much he wanted her. For the first time in over a year, I’ve actually been tempted to break my rule. Perhaps it is a good thing she belongs to another.

When Nisey shifted once more, the silky strands of her hair brushed his hand where it laid across the back of futon. Trying to resist the temptation to bury his fingers in her hair, he settled for slowly stroking it.

Suddenly Nisey surged to her feet. He looked up in surprise and locked eyes with her. Her eyes were bright with desire. He nearly groaned in frustration. She was just as aware of him as he was of her. This situation was not good.

“Bathroom break!” Nisey fled the living room in a huge hurry.
Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: emmel4 on Jan 18, 2015
How to review this? The bad guys are two-dimensional, it seems odd that practically everyone around the heroine is coincidentally in the BDSM lifestyle in some way or another, people get away with things they really shouldn't....and yet, I kept reading this. Trace has an intriguing writing style, and the hero and heroine are well drawn. Nicey has had traumatic experiences, and they aren't made light of and instead become true motivators of this plot. It makes for an interesting read.
Submitted By: funluver on Jan 5, 2015
I loved this story! Has it all; nasty mom, reluctant dom and an "unsure of what she wants" submissive. What a journey. Wonder how "true-to-life" the events are.

Nisey's Awakening

By: Dakota Trace