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Love Rescued Me

By: Debra Kayn | Other books by Debra Kayn
Published By: Breathless Press
Published: Nov 04, 2011
ISBN # 9781926930664
Word Count: 42,810
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Chick Lit

What's small-town veterinary doctor Samantha James to do when the one person she trusts and shares her secret with isn’t who she thought?

Samantha James moves to small-town Skamania, Washington to escape the crooked cops who framed her younger brother, Parker, and sent him to prison for a crime he didn't commit. With the goal of setting up her veterinary practice and making a home for Parker when he's released, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with the local forest ranger.

Undercover officer Bobby Thorn is only in Skamania posing as a forest ranger to apprehend the scumbag who killed his partner. He doesn't have time for romance. But when he goes to town seeking help for the injured wolf he finds, he can't help but be drawn to the fiery veterinarian. Caught between sharing sizzling nights with Samantha and doing his job, he finds himself torn. Will he be able to keep from blowing his cover, catch a killer, and keep the woman he loves safe all at the same time?
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Bobby nuzzled her neck and worked his way up to her ear. "Let me change the question. What sort of things do you wish for?"

He expected her to think right now? "Mm. I don't know. World peace, a cure for cancer, and something frivolous...maybe winning the lottery."

His tongue slithered below her ear, and the warmth of his breath melted away her ability to hold her head up. "What do you wish for, Bobby?"


He turned her face toward him and captured her lips. Her body quivered. Mm...that was my wish too.

His kiss drove her mad with desire, and she wanted those same lips to explore more of her body. He moved too slowly; she wanted him fast and now. A wild urge to abandon all self-control and submit to this ranger man tonight hit her hard.

Samantha's breath came hot and heavy. She used her lips to urge him for more, to touch her body, and take everything she wanted to give him. She craved all his attention.

"Come to the bedroom with me?" She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Which way?" He lifted his head long enough to see where Samantha pointed and picked her up in his arms.

He delivered her to the bedroom in a few strides and lowered her to the floor to stand on her own two feet. She unbuttoned the top two eyelets on her blouse, and Bobby pushed her hands away.

"Let me," he insisted, working at the next button.

Samantha's head fell back. Her hair cascaded down her back, giving him access to her upper body. The heat of his fingers seared her skin all the way down. She burned inside, and wanted nothing more than to shed her clothes and experience the inferno building up within the very base of her.

She lowered her head, and her hands gravitated toward Bobby's buckle above his wonderful package that had captivated her attention earlier at the café. With confidence, she pulled his belt out of all the loops on his jeans with one quick tug. The thunk of it hitting the wall brought a smile to her mouth. Finally, she was getting those pants of his off.

Once free of clothing, Samantha sat back on the edge of the bed. She reclined on her elbows, widened her legs, and opened herself up for his perusal. She gazed at the expression on his face. His eyes darkened as he ripped open a condom, and Samantha anxiously waited for him to join her on the bed.

Bobby groaned and ran his hand over his belly. He stalked toward her, gently laid her back, and claimed her mouth.

Love Rescued Me

By: Debra Kayn