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Lunes & Lords Series Bundle

Series: Lunes & Lords
By: Emily Ryan-Davis | Other books by Emily Ryan-Davis
Published By: Emily Ryan-Davis
Published: May 09, 2012
ISBN # MLRNDV0000001
Word Count: 95,000
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Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Anthology/Bundle

Previously published as DRAGON'S WOMAN


Insomnia does things to a girl’s head, drives her to perform acts she would have scoffed at if not for a bad case of desperation. Yoga. Meditation. Getting in touch with her inner Lune via witchy rituals she doesn’t even realize she’s enacting until she’s naked in the dark with an aggressive dragon…or two.

Cora Phillips has spent her life denying the Lune tradition but with two dragons--and their masters--hounding her with mating claims, her denying days have come to an end. Like it or not, the dragons have come.

And she doesn’t like it one bit.


A dragon knows how to find his mate no matter how far she runs, and Lune-witch Cora’s dragon knows exactly how to lure her back for another dance with his master. Returning to New York on a mission to save her Dragonkeeper from his own self-destruction, she discovers this waltz is even more complicated than the first.

When a Lune has three different partners, which one leads?


Wrists bound to a hotel bed. Wrong dragon in her head. Flavor of fire on her tongue. That’s how the end begins.

Cora can’t run anymore. Not ever again. The mysteries of her life, the heritage she’s denied, the lovers and enemies she’s fled have all caught up to her, ready to eat her from the inside out if she doesn’t embrace her birthright, bind her draconic subjects, and rule like the queen she was born to be.
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Cora opened her mouth obediently. He put a little white pill on her tongue, and pinched her jaw between his thumb and forefinger so she couldn’t spit it out. Purple vines writhed across the ceiling; their lacey pattern twisted into the corners, behind wispy white drapes, through the closet door that stood half open. Her tongue trembled with the effort of keeping the pill from falling into the back of her mouth, difficult because he had her head pushed back flat against the pillow.

“Swallow it,” he said and flicked the tablet with his fingertip. It didn’t move. Her mouth had dried out; the trace of saliva on her tongue acted like glue and held the pill in place. “Swallow it.”

She grunted an objection, unable to form words without swallowing the pill. Her hands balled up into fists, and she curled her toes, pulling her elbows and knees against the scarves that held her bound to the bedposts. Red and white scarves—he brought them with him.

“Come on,” he whispered. He stroked her throat with his free hand, petting. His fingertips touched the hollow at the apex of her collarbone, trailed down between her breasts. He flicked her left nipple and drew his thumb around the areola. Cora’s stomach clenched. She closed her eyes. The pill tasted horrible, like old grapes and powdered acid. She didn’t want to swallow it, didn’t want to know what the pill would make her know. Her jaw ached.

“Be a good girl.” He came close, so close she felt his breath on her cheek: hot and moist. He kissed her ear and touched her tongue, rolled the pill back and forth across her taste buds. She tried to scrape the powdery residue off with her teeth. He held her tongue down. “Swallow it whole, and it’ll go fast. You’re going to take it no matter what. It’ll be slower this way, though.”

He traced the shell of her ear with his lips; her ears started ringing. The pill fell into the back of her throat. She choked, coughed, and jerked upright in bed.

Disoriented in the small, dark room, it took a minute to remember where she was. Sixteen-year-old Cora had tacked a Nick Cave poster on the wall. She stared at the shape of the goth musician’s pale face until her vision blurred and she was certain it wasn’t going to move.

The heat pump cycled and hummed, and the refrigerator returned the gentle call. Her mother usually snored, but Cora couldn’t hear the familiar nighttime rumble, so assumed Miranda hadn’t returned from her evening out. Greg had been a dream. Just a dream. He wasn’t there.
Cora buried her head in her hands.

She hated the Greg nightmare.
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Submitted By: raincloudmom46 on Sep 16, 2012
OMG! I loved every minute of this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I think it's best for shoppers to get the entire series this way instead of the individual books. You don't want to stop reading. I hope the author continues this series. ^=^

Lunes & Lords Series Bundle

By: Emily Ryan-Davis