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A View to a Kill

By: Mandy M. Roth | Other books by Mandy M. Roth
Published By: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Published: Jul 24, 2007
ISBN # 9781599985282
Word Count: 23,317
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Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Werewolves/Shifter

A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness.

Book two in King of Prey series.

Sachin, head advisor to the king of the Accipitridae realm, has been forced to put his trips to Earth on hold. He’s not been honest with himself or King Kabril about his need to visit the primitive planet. The king thinks him to be a womanizer, out to bed as many human females as possible.

In truth, a woman he should have been able to woo with little to no effort—his mate—has found someone else to fill that void in her life. She wasn’t supposed to be on Earth. She wasn’t supposed to be human. And she sure the hell wasn’t supposed to agree to marry another man while Sachin was away.

Sachin must make a choice, give up the one woman he knows to be his true mate and let her live in ignorant bliss of what walks among her people, or fight for what’s his, taking it at all costs. A trained assassin…a man even the deadliest of warriors fear. To cross him is foolish. To steal his heart is pure madness.

Warning: This book contains hot, explicit sex and violence explained with contemporary, graphic language.
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Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Paige leaned against the jukebox. The hairs on the back of her neck rose and she twisted enough to see across the crowded bar. A set of silver eyes stared back at her. The feel of his caresses only hours before left Paige drawing in a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. He was too much. Too intense, and the way he watched her like she was a meal to be feasted upon nearly did her in.

She scanned the bar for signs of Bailey. He still wasn’t there. She was foolish for thinking she could lead a normal life with Sachin’s return.

In the back of her mind she’d known Sachin would come for her, that he wasn’t a man to take no for an answer. For some reason Paige had thought she might be able to convince him to go, to just let her live in peace.

There is no peace from our kind of bond, ta’konima.

Reaching up, she tried to block his voice from intruding in her mind. It was official, she was going insane, imagining the man she loved speaking in her head.

I too denied my ability to hear you, he said, his mouth never moving._ I was wrong. So are you.?_

Paige swallowed hard and rubbed her arms. This isn’t happening. It’s not real. I’m having another nightmare.

Sachin shook his head. No. This is not a nightmare, Paige.

“Sachin?” A soft moan came out as she tried and failed to deny he was communicating with her telepathically.

You should rejoice. A bad-boy grin spread over his face. It means you are indeed sane.

Yes. She shivered. But what does that mean you are, Sachin, because I don’t think you’re human.

There was a slip in his step but he recovered quickly, walking towards her. The crowd seemed to part as if by magik, allowing him to pass through them untouched.

Great. He’s not only more than a man, he’s some kind of god.

I’m no god, ta’konima.

Says you.

A rich, deep laugh echoed in her head, signaling he was in control of the situation, not her.

As it should be.

She leveled her gaze on him, allowing it to harden. “No more,” she mouthed.

Not enough, ta’konima. You are mine and I will not stand idly by and allow you to marry another. You will pick me.

“Or else?” she asked, her voice low.

There is no or else, Paige. You will pick me. I merely stated a fact.

She rolled her eyes and a smile curved her mouth. He came to a stop in front of her.

Paige knew she should be afraid of him on some level but she wasn’t. She’d never trusted anyone more in her life. “Fancy meeting you here.”

He winked. “I was in the neighborhood.”

“Just flyin’ through?” she asked, the need to make light of what she’d suspected surfacing.

Sachin put his large hands on her hips and they nearly touched around her waist. He gave a gentle squeeze before jerking her against the expanse of his chest. Air whooshed from her lungs and he laughed, clearly amused by his actions. “My apologies. There are times I forget my own strength.”

“Yeah, right,” she teased.

The music changed, the beat slowing. Sachin swayed their bodies to the rhythm. He ground his pelvis against her and she hissed at the feel of his erection, thick, long and even bigger than she remembered. She should push him away. She was with Bailey now. Instead, she clung tighter to him. It made no sense, but nothing about Sachin ever did.

Paige wasn’t sure how long they danced, their bodies pressed close together. Sachin led her from the dance floor, towards the front door. He pushed it open with ease and the cool night air bit at her skin. With as hot as he made her feel, the air was much needed.

Sachin dragged her around the corner of the bar and pressed her against the exterior wall. It was cold and her body felt feverish in comparison. She grunted and grabbed hold of his shirt collar. Her breath quickened as he bent, devouring her mouth. This was wrong but felt right for so many reasons. Stopping wasn’t an option. It didn’t matter that they were in public and anyone could walk past and see. That only added to the thrill.
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Submitted By: mkeefe on Jan 29, 2013
This was not what I expected in a good way. Liked it enough to follow the series.
Submitted By: redd1881 on Jan 29, 2013
Love this book, such a great series. I highly recommed this it.
Submitted By: slark on Jan 8, 2013
Great book love this author and read most everything that is put out Keep them Coming
Submitted By: ladyofspike on Jan 1, 2013
I so enjoy reading this.

A View to a Kill

By: Mandy M. Roth